Just remember to BREATHE .. we WILL get through this!

Welcome .. we can choose to turn bad, into our opportunity!

If we choose to use this time wisely, then this halt in normal, becomes an opportunity that IMPROVES our HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE forever. We can reduce feelings of fear, loss of control and panic, by INVESTING our "free" time. We replace fear with CONTROL and PURPOSE .. and we gain a return of hope and possibility!

your have received a great opportunity to invest in yourself

This "free" time can NOT be saved. Wasted it in anxiety, it is gone forever, unable to be reclaimed.

Stay calm! This old (Greatest Generation, early Boomer) UN -Healthcare Founder, remembers the "old ways", and we may need to resort to them. The 90% will sadly have lost financially from this shut down. But .. our life can actually be better with this RESET! 

Seriously! We had become an insane society before C V happened.  This is an awesome opportunity to RE -SET back to common sense and actually using our brains again. It is beneficial to think consequences before we act, but we really did lose our common sense. Perhaps we just got addicted to MORE and faster? We actually badly needed this reset back to actually using our brains to THINK again. A Reset for us to slow down, breathe and remember what is truly important in life. It is not "experiencing" all 175 types of craft beer or Instagramming the latest Restaurant experience. Maybe this "correction" can make us re think our value system.

We have so many resources. The LEAST important is money. (I know, I know fine for Miss Boomer with her ongoing pension to say .. but here is a question for you.) If I said you can have a million $$$, but you will be in pain, unable to walk, or maybe see or hear, for the rest of your life .. which would you choose? I bet most of us, unless we need that money for someone we love .. most will say "NO THANKS! KEEP YOUR MONEY." The point is that we have completely forgotten that OUR MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE IS REALY OUR HEALTH!      But when you work 2 jobs, yet can barely pay the rent, the last thing on your mind is health. Somehow prioritizing it can be a great asset to draw on. But right now we have unexpected time available to invest in the Health Revolution that is happening.

This is a chance for a reset. You have been given TIME .. because you have no work to make $ .. so why not invest in our health while we can. "Free" Time will disappear forever and be lost. New KNOWLEDGE is a new resource that puts you ahead of others. You can even develop a new well paid Career as Health Coach in the coming Health Care transformation.

Study and investigation of inflammation, can stop diseases that are causing us a lot of pain and discomfort. You have time NOW to learn about the "Functional Medicine" Health Revolution taking place. Drugs and surgery are fine, but what if you can fix so many discomforts yourself by investing time to learn your own body? This new INTELLIGENCE is like taking a DEGREE .. but without tuition! Maybe later you will become Certified in Functional Medicine begun by Dr Mark Hyman with the Cleveland Clinic.


READ this site LIKE A BOOK! The Headings at the top are main Sections .. and then there are Chapters

This is like a Book we will keep adding to. Why is no one doing this? You get to use this book pre-published, while the research and curation continues. You can start to get healthy NOW, instead of waiting 2 years for edited perfection. Beside we will be analyzing and evaluating the Health information overload forever! This website will summarizes the overwhelm of new information for you, so you can start while you have extra time available now. 

There is a Health Revolution happening, and every Author thinks THEY have the only correct "Get Healthy" answer. Often the ideas conflict, which confuses and frustrates us, making us want to give up. This website will help you by providing a summary of the best, latest research that will simplify getting us back to a Healthy Society. Instead of Disease names for drug prescription or procedure, the revolution is learning your body and creating a prevention system for you. I have learned if I keep sugar and wheat grams below perhaps 8 grams I do not get terrible joint inflammation. if a 1/2 Cheesecake Factory slice is worth an evening of pain .. go ahead. To me, it is worth it, but if you could care less about cheesecake WHY ENDURE THAT PAIN? 

It is time for us to learn our body and how we can prevent all manner of discomfort. Functional Medicine is all about inflammation. What causes it for you and what can we do to prevent inflammation. That is how we are going to spend this free time, taking responsibility and taking control of our personal Health!

It will take time before the new, divergent ideas of the Health Revolution are compared, analyzed, evaluated or even just summarized. While this analysis is happening, there is already much new knowledge for us to use. With these Healthcare disrupting new concepts we can get back to a "Healthy" quality of life more quickly.

is life made of pyramids or triangles?


try to think back to life PRE COVID 19 ..


TRY TO THINK BACK TO OUR LIVES PRE COVID 19 .. that life NEEDED changing. This 'apocalypse' may be the best thing to happened? Things were NOT great for 90% of Citizens!!

We have created a Digital Monster.  A world of overload and overwhelm. We are the only ones who can slow the ever speeding 24/7 Communication Monster we have unleashed. We need to use the Digital Revolution as a TOOL to make our lives better, not to enslave us and destroy our Mental AND Physical Health.

UN -Healthcare  consists of several parts. It began as just a tool to reduce stress and create new careers. The "Gift of Calm" soothing photo stories help you learn to STOP and just breathe. Once you it becomes habit, you can do this anywhere, anytime you become overwhelmed. The ROADMAP takes the main new Health concepts and orders them so you can begin right away, with your new path to a healthier you. The monthly subscription will provide additional information and a blog that provides community and connection for our journey. Not working alone, feeling connected makes the effort less stressful and inspires motivation in us. Failure is not an option because Health is our most precious Resource. We have forgotten that our Health is more important than time or money. We have lost control of our most important resource! It is imperative for our future quality of life. It is of vital importance  that we get back control over our lives NOW.  We CAN do it!

WAKE UP!! you are living in a REAL world, not on a screen!

Yes, right now the screen is saving us. But Information, and too many communication choices were doing us in .. pre Co-vid 19! Now we want that connection we had given up!! We have also forgotten how to just be still! Consider our subway ride, everyone "face in phone" ignoring everyone else. Just breathe and look around you! Wonder about others lives, SMILE, make someone's day! REALLY! We are so unconnected you may be saving a lost soul from sure doom! Hah! Now that we can't!! WE ARE CRAVING THIS LOSS!! Maybe we needed this SHOCK to RE-learn how important REAL Human connection is?

UN -Healthcare .. REAL Health, not "care"


Why must we take control? Have we really lost control over our life?

The "FAT Con" and "Cure Scam" .. HOW WE LOST CONTROL

We already lost control of our lives way back when Harvard told us [in the 60's] that fat was bad for us. Meanwhile in this biggest bait and switch ever, "Big Food" was adding sugar to every food we ate, (including to ketchup). Don't look for sugar on the label, since there are [62] names for it! The processing of our normal natural foods was ramped up 60 years ago, in the name of convenience. But these added chemicals are toxic to our body. 

But we need to take responsibility, since we wanted instant everything!  We demanded convenience so we did have a role to play. So we must also take some responsibility for our lost control over our lives. Women's lib had an effect as well .. with no Mom at home, we required FAST meal preparation. We are really all to blame, and need to TAKE BACK OUR CONTROL.

But long shelf life was really the actual Corporate motivation, for these additional toxins. Longer shelf life increases profit. Plus, "they" soon realized that if we got sick from this unnatural body invasion, there would be profit in "making us better". I always wondered back even when I was 10, why do people drink Coke (sugar water) when they are thirsty? Back in the 50's, I could not figure it out, but of course now we know sugar addicts us to wanting more.

Is it possible sugar is even worse than just addictive? I propose it destroys our WILLPOWER! .. no willpower?? Then we shop more, spend more, owe more interest on things we never needed the first place! We need to take back control from the advertising/ marketing industry that is now the same size as the Healthcare Industry. (see Ad Age research study $3 TRILLION to con us into buying what we don't need)

When I got older I kept hearing the word CURE .. but had begun to study Nutrition and knew food was the building block of our body. Since I was also studying design, wanting to be an architect .. why not build OUR HOUSE (our body) with good bricks? We seemed to be building our body "houses" with empty calorie garbage instead of quality bricks! Still later I began to wonder about this weird strange Health system we were stuck in, finding cures for disease. Instead of CURE why not PREVENT? Curing without fixing the CAUSEseemed like putting paint on a crumbling house foundation. So I began to frequent the first Health Stores and buy books on health. Why is it most of these were NOT in libraries?

From the 60's right through to after 2010, those books were underground, considered to be written by scam artists or at least weird people who knew little about accepted Medical Science. Then came Dr Atkins whose Low Carb diet and books were very successful and in bookstores mainstream. How strange he was later suggested to be a quack .. and even more strangely, he mysteriously slipped on ice and died. He was the beginning of the FAT/SUGAR secret getting out. He would be so happy today seeing how hundreds of Doctors have used his early ideas. Hundreds of NYT Best Selling authors, along with much new research, have taken his initial "carbs are bad" concept as foundation. These many books expose the system to keep us ill, and show us how we build REAL health for our bodies and also our minds.


Not fat as ENEMY .. the Processed Food secret is out

It is not fat that makes us sick but sugar and processed food. Since I was raised on a (Beef) Farm in the 50's, for my whole life I always rebelled against the "Fat as Enemy" nonsense. As a farmer "Rebel", I made sure to eat MORE butter, cream and ALL the beef fat I could grab before others at the table got it. My Mother died of a heart attack at 56, my Aunt a little later of a stroke. Yet I who eat excess fat, am still quite fine even though my genes have a propensity for heart disease.

There are now hundreds of reliable books proving the point of "Fat as enemy" being incorrect. The real enemy is sugar and processed food (wheat). If you need proof, look up 'Harvard Fat lie', you will see the New York Times, NPR, CBS etc etc finally coming clean. Sadly, even worse proof that we have "been had" .. this was finally a major news story .. for about 2 minutes. Then it was gone again from the mass media. We truly do have FAKE NEWS when Stormy Daniels can take over but the Fat Con, has not been heard of again. Big Food and Drug company Advertisers would not be impressed with this bad mouthing of their mission. Sadly news is run on advertising profit. So we need to take back control of our life from Big companies and their Media profiting.

If we can't trust Harvard's research .. that is very depressing because everything is then suspect for bias. But with this blog we are somehow going to sift through all the conflicting information and build our own framework to health. Sometimes we will just have to choose what suits us best. So many conflicting ideas with all the new findings mean we have to somehow survive in confusion. The Health Revolution is messy, It will be decades before we move from traditional Medicine, (disease, drug cure) to a new fully operating Population Health System. The new .. REAL health .. not "care System" will help reduce the increase in society's mental and physical health decline.

Unfortunately even WORSE is coming, The Stress of the Digital "24/7 ON" Culture is taking our sanity

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Take Back Control .. of your Health .. and your life.

A Health Revolution is happening ..

In the past, Doctors were afforded great respect. But with many in the younger population, this Historic Respect has declined. Most of us no longer have a Family Doctor who knows us a little. Our interaction with a Doctor today is often just their providing the Disease name for our symptoms. Often we already know the drug name  they then prescribe from watching TV ads. For many of us this legalized drug pushing has decreased our respect for the profession. But we should not be too hard on Doctors who are stuck in a system they well know is NOT working. Doctors are a profession most in danger of suicide. The unfair burdens placed on them in a system they no longer control is detrimental to their own health.

Instead of blaming doctors we must accept responsibility and take a good part of the blame. We are the one's who want everything quick, easy and convenient. We want instant everything and it is time we took responsibility for OUR MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE. We think money and TIME are so insanely important. What good is a mansion with a maid and chef, giving us time to travel ..  if we are sick?? It is time we started to THINK about our most precious resource AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT!

Drugs merely mask our discomfort. In the past we were lulled into thinking a "CURE" was what was important. That cure never gets to the reason for any of these problems. Start being more critical of what you hear. Do you really want to race for a cure? why not put your resources to find reasons.Why have pain and discomfort if we can avoid it?? Of course the answer is that prevention of disease produces no PRODUCT. The product which the "cure" twisters invent, that drug is where the profit lies! Where does the profit come from? Your body, Your pain, Your discomfort and lost life. Let's join the health revolution and move the drug profit into a new industry that can provide US with jobs.The Founder of UN -Healthcare has waited 60 years for the population to begin to realize it is PREVENTION that is important .. NOT cure. 

Two watchwords of the new Health (NOT "care") industries are inflammation and lifestyle. Most (80%?) of today's diseases are caused by inflammation. And what we do, our own actions in our lifestyle cause our body to become. The toxins in our environment have become so great our bodies may be hitting a toxic load. The UN -Healthcare Roadmap subscription will help us try to avoid as many things detrimental to our well being as possible. 

Seemingly overnight the Medical industry's march to ever greater profit from our ills, has been turned upside down. The revolution of Lifestyle Health is gaining speed every day. Only those truly too lazy and irresponsible to take responsibility for their health know nothing of this revolution. Those people are few and far between and older (who remember the good days of Traditional medicine). One only needs to walk any street and see the new Salad or Smoothie Bars replacing junk food everywhere. 

becoming responsible for our Own health with all the new research is simple .. but will not be easy. The new information is now very overwhelming, and often conflicting. Too many discoveries can be confusing, and stress results.  Our 24/7 lives of communication overwhelm further break down our bodies. The stress of today First stress affects our mental Health and then 

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. Don’t have one? Now might be a good time to create one and post it here. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does.

Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they 


Site Content


Join UN -Healthcare .. with a Turtle Fish Health Subscription

Three Tools to UN -STRESS and Get our Health back.

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These tools help us get started on our journey to Wellness. To get back to our normal healthy well being will take commitment .. just as a University Degree does. But the pay back for our hard work is far better than today's degree (often now utilized only as coffee barista?).This hard work will give us back our greatest resource, HEALTH .. more important than time or money! We can take our MbD health "degree" at our own speed. (MbD = MY body "Doctor" .. NOT doctor of MEDICINE). Even better, MbD is a "my body DETECTIVE "degree".   How did we forget MD is a doctor of MEDICINE, and NOT a doctor of our HEALTH??


With THINK! Health anyone has the Basic Knowledge to build their own personal health Formula .. their own custom MbD, my body Detective or my body Doctor.


ONCE A MONTH! .. or 2 regular coffees .. ONCE A MONTH

 .. or 2 Flavoured Sugar waters!! read those labels and THINK! Health



Anyone should have the Basic Roadmap available, so the basics are free. But $5 a month to be in a community with a shared mission to take back control of life's most valuable Resource .. is a better use of our scarce money. (Those who are not even at Living wage status will eventually have Monthly Subscription access FREE through Community group partnerships.)

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Step 1 for Health .. Calm our stress with the "Gift of Calm"

A PROTOTYPE (including possible sponsorships). The Art videos will hopefully be produced by USA PTSD/ Disabled Veterans. A Patriotic Project .. a National "WAR EFFORT" .. a war on the decline of not just Physical, but certainly Mental Health.


The UN -Healthcare System, provides 3 tools for stress reduction.

These tools help us get started on our journey to Wellness. To get back to our normal healthy well being will take commitment .. just as a University Degree does. But the pay back for our hard work is far better than today's degree (often now utilized only as coffee barista?).This hard work will give us back our greatest resource, HEALTH .. more important than time or money! We can take our MbD health "degree" at our own speed. (MbD = MY body "Doctor" .. NOT doctor of MEDICINE). Even better, MbD is a "my body DETECTIVE "degree".   How did we forget MD is a doctor of MEDICINE, and NOT a doctor of our HEALTH??


1) Green TURTLE TV, a 2 minute vacation "Gift of Calm"

Soothing beautiful photo stories .. a "secret formula" to help you be calm, to just breathe and find gratitude.

2) TURTLE FISH HEALTH.. a Curated Library with Basic ROADMAP to help us get started

Since each of our bodies is created individually, our body will sometimes behave differently than most people. A Roadmap gives us a base starting point for our destination .. great health for most people. It simplifies what several main experts have recently, generally found. Doctors and Researchers who began this current Health Revolution are our leaders, but we must each build our own specific Formula for our health. A Roadmap helps us begin with less stress of conflicting information overwhelm. The overload of ideas available, causes confusion and frustration. The Foundation Roadmap helps reduce our Health Info overwhelm, giving us a calm place to begin our personal research  investigation.

3) plus .. REVERSE WORLD .. a Resource Management Blog

 We have completely forgotten management of our available resources! We now think ONLY money and time exist. We waste time in destructive ways. We throw everything away, and buy new garbage that also breaks. In this way, we have ruined the environment AND wasted our money. Not to mention all the time we spend shopping to replace our poor quality ecosystem. Before the Boomers changed everything, we still stuck to the old New England maxim. "Use it up, wear it out, make it do." This has been replaced by an instant and disposable society that is very destructive of everything in its path. But the most pressing problem is that since the country's wealth is not shared by its workers .. we cannot make our scarce $ go far enough today. We must re learn wise use of ALL our many other resources.

Improving our food choices will require better management of our already scarce  time and money. But there are many other resources available to us, that most of us have totally forgotten! 

By relearning and using our forgotten Resources, we will feel an increased sense of control over our lives. This alone will greatly help reduce our feelings of stress.

UN -Healthcare .. a System for improving our health.

Un -Healthcare helps reduce stress in today's fast paced information overloaded society. It is a system that makes it easier for us take back control of our health. Un -Healthcare consists of Green Turtle TV and Turtle Fish Health. Both serve to address aspects of stress in our lives .. for both our immediate anxiety and the long term effect of our chronic stress today. The constant fear of job loss, struggle to pay our bills and the inability to find enough time in our days will make us sick. No matter how well we eat, staying away from processed food, stress will still kill us. It is imperative that we learn to UN -Frazzle, to destress from the crazy world we have created. 

Green Turtle TV .. the "Gift of Calm"

Green Turtle TV turns our TV or our screen into a frame. Instead of the traditional single framed image on the wall, the TV becomes a series of soothing "photo stories". The calming effect  causes us to slow down, and stop to actually breathe. It is mindfulness and meditation for us "dummies" who have been slow to catch on to centuries of successful Eastern wisdom. Like a 2 minute vacation that "Gift of Calm" begins to reduces our stress. Anxiety is momentary but Chronic stress is the real killer. This is what we seriously need to work on, to get back control of our lives.

Turtle Fish Health .. And the REVERSE WORLD blog

Turtle Fish Health consists of a Formula that simplifies the overwelm of conflicting Health information, along with a shared community. It gives us a skeleton on which to hang information relevant to our individual genes and their susceptibilities. Though we can be obsessively obnoxious and eat a perfect Natural Diet to everyone's dismay .. the stress of today will kill us anyway. The most important Health factor is DE- stressing from our toxic environment and economy.

These 3 "gifts of calm" helping to reduce our stress .. will be the basis of our personal GIFT OF HEALTH.

How to use this website and "System" ..

Some of you already know this Health Revolution is happening, and are well aware of this site's summary. After you skim through, please jump to the Formula and Community Section, and email me any of your suggestions or disagreements. Thank you in advance for your input.

For those of you just starting ..to begin with read the UN -Health"care" site like a BOOK. The (top line) numbered links are like the sections of a Resource Book. Later you will focus on whichever section's support you are in need of at that moment. Do you need to UN -Frazzle? .. or find new ways to stretch our resources? Or do you just want the support of others struggling to also "graduate" with their M (b) D? An MD is degree in DIS -ease! We want a My body "Degree", an MbD, a PERSONALIZED formula to attain our OWN body's well being.

Re read the Planning and Formula sections until the "system" feels comfortable. Then you can start to build new habits. Once you clearly see the value of changing your style of life, you can begin the "more" section, or research the suggested library of experts. Remember this SYSTEM is all just a base, a Foundation on which to build YOUR customized individual HEALTH PLAN ..Your personalized REAL health, not "care".

Green Turtle TV .. the "Gift of Calm"


Reduce the stress from today's info and communication overwhelm. Just BREATHE!

It all seems so overwhelming! Everything! Every day! Too much to deal with!

This is a resource you have available in your own body. Just controlling your breath, can help you get started toward physical AND Mental Health. Controlled breathing gives us a sense of power over our insane lives.

When you feel out of control, focus on something beautiful and just breathe. 

Watch the VIDEO to get started.

We breathe every minute of our life, yet never think of it -

Step 1 .. appreciate your body!

Reduce the stress from today's info communication overwhelm. Just BREATHE DEEPLY!

You have this resource available in your own body at all times. Controlling your breath, helps you get started toward both physical AND Mental Health. Controlled breathing is the first step to give us a sense of power over our chaotic 24/7 lives. Whenever you feel out of control, remember to focus on something beautiful and just breathe deeply, for calm. 

Watch the VIDEO for practise.



This is a mysoginist site .. a HE Doctor

ps .. if you object to a HE doctor .. please find another community. This community is for people who want to solve the many MAJOR problems we face. There are critically important failures we currently deal with as our society teeters on the brink of a cliff to complete decline.  Women being equal won't matter when you fall into a hole that the subway tunnel caved into or fall off a bridge that collapsed, or your country democracy was turned into a police state. Of course men and women are equal, but right now men are not even given equal humanity. Men's Lib now needs to evolve! 

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