The BASICS of UN -Healthcare


There are 3 basic new ideas in your REAL Health journey .. First, FUNCTIONAL HEALTH will eventually replace Traditional Medicine.

ONE ..

Functional Lifestyle HEALTH .. not Functional MEDICINE!

Turtle Health approaches Well Being with the FUNCTIONAL and Lifestyle Health Model. You body has ... basic functions. If one of these areas is not functioning well, you will have health problems. Who cares about knowing thousands of Dis- ease terms? Why not just do things that help that body function work better? Sadly this more logical Health concept is termed Functional MEDICINE .. why not Functional Health? We do not want MEDICINE .. we just want to feel good without needing a CURE. PREVENTION is our focus!! But FUNCTIONAL Medicine (fad?) at least focuses less on disease names and more on how your body is functioning. Lifestyle Medicine is the realization our style of life affects our health. Unless we choose a different style of living, today's rushed 24/7 ON lifestyle .. will surely kill us. The is why we must TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR LIFE.


Second .. DIS -EASE BEGINS WITH INFLAMMATION. We can reduce and even prevent inflammation by learning what affects our body.

TWO ..

Inflammation= dis-ease

EVERY PAIN and Health problem begins with inflammation of a body function. Not "disease" which is the Foundation of an industry that uses your body's dis- EASE for their profit. And then insults us on top asking donations for CURE!! Have you ever heard this 1/3 of your economy talk "prevention"? Barely. Well .. we can't healthy ourselves, be more productive, solve problems and feel better connected together in one community. We still need Doctors and drugs and procedures, but we will put them back in a place where we can respect them . doctors kill selves. lets help then feel better about their profession. UN healthcare has a better system for them to make their salary. You have the power to control the inflammation


THREE ... EVERYONE'S BODY IS DIFFERENT, YOU ARE UNIQUE. Luckily commonalities have been found.


Everyone's body is different! .. even though each body FUNCTIONS exactly the same! Your gene's make you susceptible to different functioning problems than others. My friend may is able to eat processed food and tons of sugar, and seemingly be fine. I get immediate Arthritic pain, headaches and general NON wellbeing. BUT .. he has had 2 kinds of cancer! Different body functions are affected by our INDIVIDUAL sensitivities. Our DISRESPECT of how we treat our body, will show up differently because of our gene sensitivity.

Your gene's may predispose you to a certain malady, but you can learn what triggers YOUR inflammation. You can learn what Foods and lifestyle procedures will alleviate and even prevent your increased problems.

Do not become derailed with the Personalized Medicine con, you are studying your own personalized HEALTH!

Get ready to Take back your health


Let's Take Back Control ..

We can successfully improve our health. Sometimes overnight! OR destroy our wellbeing within an hour. Showing no self discipline I ate just 1/2 servings of processed bread, sweets and once i had disrespected my body enough over 5 days .. it said " I give up on you!" and my arthritis became inflamed for the first time in the whole summer. Sore neck, sore knees, just an unhappy body inflamed body where all summer i had run up and down stairs and walked NO PROBLEM.

Do not feel your life will be deprived. No! If I ad just been a LITTLE disciplined,  eaten a small amount of favourite inflaming foods but only once or twice a week i would have kept the pain of arthritis away. now i must work and wait to bring down the inflammation. Would it not have been smarter to be careful to begin? 

Accept that it will be hard, slow and take many resources .. (we are Turtle Fish)

We are Turtle Fish. Turtles are slow and Fish must often change direction. It takes time and lots of money to get a Degree in Medicine. We are getting a custom DEGREE in HEALTH FOR OUR PERSONAL BODY. No classes, but much time in research, analysis and evaluation. Your body and your food an life choices are the LAB WORK. Your submitted papers are your conclusions for You and your best life.

we do need to commit perhaps even tripling or more our food budget, and fining 3 or 4 X more time to find prepare and clean up from our food choices. We can cut back on beer or Starbucks eat .. your feeling great is worth it.

"Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy Food" must now only be the beginning of our efforts

How simple life was back then! We have done a great job messing up our body with drugs, but also ruining our PLANET! Where do you think all those drugs went when excreted from our body. They are still in the water we drink accumulating in our bodies. Food as "medicine" is a great place to begin, but we are so stressed today we first have to remind ourselves to actually breathe!





THE SYSTEM: Planning and Preparing for THE FORMULA ..


Plan and Prepare to more easily follow our FORMULA ..


Nothing good will happened until we take back responsibility for ourselves. Our bodies have been taken over by the "ruling class" for their gain, at our loss. Let us vow to take back our power over our own body.


We are Addicts, addicted to Processed Food. Just like Alcoholics and Drug Addicts who you may even disdain .. we seem to have lost all our willpower! Why else would I  eat the very  garbage I KNOW! will give me weeks of pure pain and hampered movement? It makes completely no sense unless my willpower and brain is destroyed. The injustice is that like with smoking, we have been made into addicts and withdrawing is very hard. Our minds have been affected by sugar overloaded in everything (under fake names). Like addicts we can have great intention to be responsible, but our self discipline has been weakened. Hopefully our community of like minded trying to gain back control can help us through the struggle to withdraw.


We need to invest not just time, energy, commitment, patience .. but also a LOT of money. Skipping McD value "meal" for even a salad is 4x the cost! A smoothie really does cost $4 or 5, while Kraft dinner costs little. Think tuition .. the personalized Health M(b)D you get cost many of your resources but can get you a REAL job, helping others AND give you back your biggest resource .. your well being. Just today's stress is killing us, and many of us feel uncomfortable with "breathing" and meditation. Just the "Gift of Calm" Turtle TV can be helpful.


"I Feel great today" .. Why? 

"My head and shoulders hurt!" .. Why?

No taking an ibuprofen or whatever .. were you hunched over your computer in panic? Did your girl (boy) friend just give you a hassle you don't even understand? Did you have a terrible sleep? 

We just reach for a pill or if ongoing make a Dr appt. We know our own actions, life and body better than anyone. Hence we are embarking on learning LIFESTYLE FUNCTIONAL HEALTH ..getting away from the Medical System using us. How can we PREVENT our discomfort .. not "cure" it, (although very NATURAL things can also cure miraculously, but are not profitable. Change the ingrained Health "care"pattern. It is not serving us well.





#5) Prepare your Home

If you have truly accepted taking control and responsibility over your own body and health., get rid of all processed food! Anything containing sugar, wheat and chemicals. With sugar's 61 names it is easier to just pitch everything labeled with anything that is not a natural word to us. 

If you were an alcoholic or your husband or child was .. would you have all kinds of alchohol around your home? Of course not! Treat yourself with the same care and love. Give all your processed foods to a homeless shelter, or starving person. Those in the shelter may be starving and have the more immediate pain of hunger. (We will help them later with jobs, feeling guilty at giving them poison). Let the shelter store it until the need is greater than at the moment?

While you are making yourself do this .. (and probably putting it off like I did) start adventuring into better Food Stores. Read every label. If you find any natural foods (80% of supermarket aisles are garbage) with pretty much only words you understand.. buy it! I seriously spent over 2 years terrified I would have nothing to eat. My hoarding obsession became non processed food, instead of books and papers to file. Kale chips, cashew cookies, pumpkin seeds, goji berries etc all kinds of foods strange to me. Now I  finally am more calm just knowing I can just find a banana, or KIND bar or Pork Rinds quite easily and cheaply. ( See .. I just saved you 2 years of anxiety.) And if the budget allows, there are more Smoothie and Gluten free places today than 2 1/2 years ago. But do not be conned by gluten free foods that HAVE no gluten to begin! i.e. avocado guacamole has no wheat! just more con scamming of us sheep ants!

Starving and "hangry" is your enemy. Keep a few nuts in your purse or pocket. (there better be men on this site! .. I love men)

#6) Accept that Sugar has destroyed our discipline and willpower

I have not yet found research into willpower loss due to sugar .. but will prove it myself before I die if I have to. Great this article seems to say we need MORE sugar. Paid for by food/ drug industrial complex? We need to analyze and evaluate SO CAREFULLY TODAY. The web has made finding good true info much harder. So many foods are poison to us.

#7) Be willing to fail. Just keep trying without "hating on" yourself!

Why do we think we are failures and hate ourselves when we have no willpower? It has been stolen. I forget most days to take B complex and D3 which help with mood and stress. What earthly sense does it make to not be diligent .. when i KNOW for a fact it helps me? Yet the "just get 'er done" crowd, feels we are losers. How does it make sense that ANYONE WANTS to be a LOSER. We are just more susceptible to the evils of sugar and ruined wheat. Our sensitivity is higher and for that we should be maligned? Do we look down on people because their body is susceptible to cancer? So how does it make sense to judge addicts as less than ..because our minds are more susceptible to obsessive compulsive behaviour. Sugar inflames a part of our brain where the Cancer diagnosed has his cell duplication inflammed. 

Yes, lets take total responsibility but recognize we have a disadvantage. So we need to be kind though also try really hard to break through our addiction. If we have "the (evil) MAN"  to blame .. and snub our nose at with our success .. maybe we can make better headway? (Sorry you smart way ahead of us, young people! We old guys used to call those in power "the Man" back in the ?60's.) I am probably just nostalgic, but a lot of articles agree that all has been downhill since the awesome 60's. 


Use the "MIND OVER MATTER" Formula! When you get overwhelmed and it is all just too hard. Or you are having a "stressed out of your mind" day .. this can really work. If i don't think about things (like how exhausting walking up ALL the subway stairs is) I don't even notice them or they don't happened. When I worry or think how heavy all the books or groceries I am carrying are .. what i think of materializes. Have you ever been in the midst of coughing and sneezing sounding like you would get the worst cold or flu .. but you forgot and then never got sick? Keep this rule in your mind. We get what we focus on! BUT!! it might be a good idea to NOT stand on a railroad track when  train is coming. Mind over matter probably won't work there! 

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