An Example of Personalized HEALTH.


It seems if I eat dairy I look like a vey old pregnant lady.I am unsure because most things luckily have an immediate effect. When they take hours or a day i can't remember what ate! (My next job is to SERIOUSLY research Alzheimers!) But if I skip the yogurt etc (which is excellent for us!) within a few days I get terrible leg cramps. Just try driving a stick shift on a freeway with a cramp! The fear of recurrence will keep you out of your car. But do you think I remember to take calcium supplements? From research i discovered cramping is often caused by lack of calcium .. so IN THIS CASE .. a tablet is warranted. But we have to get into a routine! .. we need a habit that considers our HEALTH. Somepeopel religiously whiten their teeth or colour their hair but forget a routine that is just about our HEALTH. Maybe first thing? just like washing your face? But then the difficulty is some require to be eaten with food. Would nibbling a few nuts, having a small glass of blueberries or granola to munch while doing makeup work. Hah .. why do most of us religiously do makeup to start our day? but not look after our body that is our HOME?? we never would leave the house without makeup that is for others? but forget to care for ourselves. Sorry no make up for me.. too lazy .. but I suppose it gives others more confidence by looking better. (I do KNOW I would for sure get the LAZY Trophy of the world.)


EFFECT OF SUGAR, PLUS WHEAT TURNING TO SUGAR .. remember your body is unique.

For me, luckily this effect on my body is immediate.

I  discovered more than 5 to 7 grams of sugar ( READ LABELS!) gave me painful joint inflammation. At first I just thought read sugar grams, but then I learned, if wheat turns to sugar the combination will have worsened effect     

Oh .. by the way my DR from decades ago said i did NOT have arthritis. I DO NOT CARE ITS NAME .. JUST STOP THE PAIN! It cannot be psychosomatic i.e.imagined because you can SEE the swelling and FEEL it is hot! So even with that the medical system failed me.




Is the joy and deliciousness of eating that white chocolate caramel cheesecake worth a little pain? Go to It! Enjoy every bite. But if it gives you 3 days of pain and struggling up and down stairs you may want to just SAVOUR a few bites and freeze the rest in sections. Saves you money AND PAIN.

They discovered (Philpott .. Mind Allergies) in the 80's that food rotation could even cure PSYCHOTIC behaviour. We certainly can use this finding in our PERSONALIZED "health plan". I can get away with eating a little of my forbidden foods or not doing it every day. But our lack of discipline makes the food and even pain med companies rich. SUGAR be gone. It is destroying our lives. Let's start a war against sugar. The "Fat LIE" is the biggest scam .. no conspiracy, ever perpetrated on us and there is NO PROTEST YET. Sugar isa conspiracy to make us have no discipline. Weak people can easily be controlled. How is it 1% have half the wealth? The same as us 99%?? we are either incredibly stupid, insane or sugar and wheat have fried our brains .. no discipline has made us sheep ant with no power. how is it possible for 99% to be controlled by 1%? most of us are sheep with NO self discipline. For those of us very sensitive to sugars destruction .. this is very evil. 

Is the Opioid epidemic increased by the people especially susceptible to loss of self discipline. Some people can manage their pain by mindfulness, meditation or breathing exercises. Are they honoured because they have self control, or are they just lucky their genes are not predisposed to be especially affected by sugars deleterious effect