The Turtle Fish Health Community


Turtle Fish's Mission .. why are Health dept recommendations still similar to 60 years ago?

The Turtle Fish mission is to share the Health Revolution finally happening with more people. The "Foundation of Functional Lifestyle Health" provided took almost 3 years to clarify through constant research. Using my time and effort you can save your own. You can use that energy to find what inflames your own body and the foods and activities that increase your wellbeing. The mission is to save you time, and reduce your stress. Turtle TV is a tool to teach you breathing and gratitude while Turtle Fish health reduces the stress of information overload.reduce conflicting info overwhelm. that members 

Our Mission

1) Researching, analyzing and evaluating information together. 

2) Taking what we evaluate as true and applying it to our own unique body.

3) Patiently nvestigating the effects of our efforts in following the Health Formula.

4) This is very time consuming and frustrating. Seeing everyone in your community's efforts makes it easier when the mission is shared. (While shared frustration helps us not feel alone but connected) 

5)  Hearing members share their joy and success gives us renewed inspiration and motivation. 

Future Vision

The free site will help anyone improve their health, IF .. they take responsibility for it, vs simply taking a pill. The monthly Subscription revenue (from Employee HR Departments or Individuals), allows Training of PTSD and Disabled Veterans for a Career and Business producing local Turtle TV .. "Gift of Calm". 

Corporations see the value of their involvement as publicity for their Corporate Social responsibility. By Sponsoring the get credit for not only improving Veteran quality  of life but also whole communities.

A city of 25,000 employees with a discounted subscription creates $100,000 monthly revenue. This money can train Veterans AND fill empty lots with Leafy Green Machines .. cargo containers that grow 80% as much food as a garden all winter. People on low budgets in "food deserts" should also be able to eat fresh natural for their heath. The food seen recently collected for the Food Bank was horrifying. Kraft dinner, chemical canned vegetables, corn syrup peanut butter! This is criminal. The person managing flippantly said starvation also kills. Some of us would rather die fast than SLOW, Sick, and with no real life except pain and suffering!

As Turtle Fish Communities are duplicated across the nation, there will be Physical Library and Coaching Locations surrounded by the Freight farm LGM's. These will be run by Dr's who understand the old system is not working. see ZZ Dogg in Las Vegas (Turntable Health) and Dr. Sachin Patel in Toronto. Doctor's are already trying new systems. We will duplicate what upscale providers are already doing for the elite. Dr Damania charges $60 per month for a community, cheaper than a gym membership. His Template will be our initial guide.

Less Stress, more connecting jobs, and a formula to follow more detailed than the governments 50 year (whole wheat and fruit) guideline. By the way our bodies are so inundated with sugar in everything, that even the NATURAL sugar from fruit can cause us pain. Wheat turns to sugar increasing our already too great load of sugar in our system.


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