The "gift of Calm" .. Breathing .. a tool you always have

You don't even need your phone! Just remember to breathe deeply and focus on NOW, whenever you feel stressed or anxious. Mental Health suffers when we think of the past or future! The Past often involves guilt, or feelings of failure, whereas the future involves fear of the unknown. Focusing on NOW gives us a way to be in control. We can be in charge of our mind, by controlling what we are thinking. A stressed mind will cause our Health to decline. Live in the NOW, fear and guilt just stress us.


Check out this great video


Check out this great video

The "Gift of Calm" becomes the "Gift of Health"

I once said to a friend, "I feel so sad when I think of (my kid's enduring .. )". His answer? "Then DO NOT THINK OF IT!" WHAT? shocking! You mean I have a choice? You mean I do NOT need to feel guilt, or worry all day? "NO! because it wastes energy to FIX things." So let's endeavour to use our time and energy creating MORE resources, not reducing our already scarce tools for success. Lets-

Breathe IN focusing on NOW, and HOLD this, while controlling our mind. Breathe OUT all the guilt and worry.

TURTLE FISH HEALTH .. The UN -Health"care" System




We became absorbed in a "Medical " not a HEALTH System: 

We have forgotten MD stands for MEDICINE. Doctor of MEDICINE, not doctor of our HEALTH. We give great credibility to those spending years learning disease names and the drug or procedure that MAY help CURE us. 

How about not getting the disease to begin with?  What a REVOLUTION!! Let's try a new way .. prevention! ! Our body performs certain functions, digestion, respiration etc. Let's instead focus on what function is inflamed or not working right, and try to determine why. LET"S FOCUS ON calming the inflammation, and then PREVENTING THE PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH. Our behaviour causes pretty much all, but the diseases we were born with! Let's take some responsibility for feeling great, instead of giving away that power! Notice how the whole American society today, has become obsessed with HealthCARE. If we stay healthy we do not NEED care! Would being well not be where we should at least put SOME focus? Very strange indeed. And I do not mean getting 25 tests done, again giving the established industry profit. You can tell when you feel good, no test needed! Take back control of your body.

Instead of "diseases and cures", let's take back the power we have to make our body function as it was meant to! Maybe we should call it REAL HEALTH. Even the new Functional Medicine is scary, because again it is termed MEDICINE. For thousands of years different cultures have know certain foods, herbs or behaviours would keep them healthy. Our arrogant belief in our modern "progress", makes those in power prefer to ignore this history. We don't need Clinical Trials as proof. Yet in medical literature all natural cures are denigrated with .. "there is no proof" What? Thousands of years of successful "Well Being" history is more than adequate proof, at least for a thinking contemplative human. But we are so rushed and frazzled today, we are sadly no longer THINKING HUMANS!!

No more being "Sheep Ants" following the masses, (def. m-any asses?). Or at least let's quit letting ADVERTISING be our life guide. With many of us needing 2 jobs to live and the subsequent stress, advertising subliminally does affect our thinking. We really do have no time to STOP to analyze, evaluate and think though our decisions. It is not our fault .. yet we are the losers. Let's stop giving our bodies as profit machine for the "Processed Food, Medical Industry Complex". LET"S BEGIN OUR OWN "HEALTH" SYSTEM! 

Turtle Fish is REAL Health, not "care" .. the UN- Healthcare System 

Remember 80% of disease is caused by processed food and our own Lifestyle decisions. (See Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Amen, Dr Hyman, Dr Davis etc etc, all New York Time's Best Selling Authors.) These are all just some of the many MD's who now see that something is very wrong. There are already many new Dr's programs doing what this website is attempting. But most  of us 99% are not wealthy enough to afford them! (see Cleveland Clinic .. $2000?) Let's take responsibilty! Health is surely our most valuable resource. But we always forget until we feel UN-well. It is a bit late then for sad gratitude at our previous lack of pain or DIS -ease.

Why?? .. why did we give up control of OUR MOST IMPORTANT, MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE?


1) We got LAZY, looking for instant solutions.

Instead of studying and analyzing what causes problems in our body, we just wanted the convenience of a pill. We became the willing "profit machines" in a Food/ Drug industry. Our body discomfort makes others wealthy. It is one thing to share our resources with those like us, i.e. affordable health coaches who have a little more knowledge than us as beginner. It is insane for us to just with NO THOUGHT, give $3 trillion of our scarce $$ in return for mostly STILL FEELING TERRIBLE! How many drugs have you taken that actually work? I once took estrogen for hot flashes which actually did work. Only to find out years later, it probably increased my family tendency for heart attack! 

Take back control over your biggest resource! Let's stop being so lazy! Yes .. it is a lot of extra work, extra time and research! But I suggest VERY WELL WORTH IT .. Would you not agree? We never appreciate our body's functioning, until it doesn't work right. Then we whine and vow we'll take better care in future. But we never do. We are all insane. Seriously! Let's get UN- insane and become more responsible for our Health together.

I am hopeful that by framing this goal in a new way, we will succeed better. I never once succeeded with a fat diet to get rid of my belly in my life. (I actually FINALLY got back to high school weight with basically only eating Natural food!) Though I had no discipline for diets, once I realized my kids could not reminisce with their mom, because I had lost most memories, then I finally became far more disciplined. I learned how much we have been taken advantage of, and even scammed, i.e. the FAT 'bait and switch" LIE no one even understands still today. Fat is nowhere as bad for us, as the sugar they sneak into everything we consume.

Once I realized the "Evil Plan" of Processed Foods, I decided I will be damned to let this Food/Drug Industry make money off my pain or illness. If you think conspiracy people are weird .. no, you are part of a whole system built for the greed of the 1%. If you prefer to continue to think this idea is crazy, then this website is not for you. Go back to that gov pamphlet spouting the same old, same old, as was promoted when I studied nutrition in the 60's!! I graduated about 47 years ago!! Do you not think we would have made some progress in health research? Gov pamphlets still say the same! .. get exercise, sleep and eat whole wheat. They still link fruits with vegetable servings. But the sad fact is our bodies have been destroyed with all the ADDED sugar. We can no longer even tolerate the sugar from very sweet fruit. Wow! amazing there is no new research added to these gov't publications. If you want to follow the old 50 year ago recommendations and ignore GOOD progress, good luck. But please do not complain to us about your 50 pains and problems like my friend does. It actually was the end of a friendship. There was no personal responsibility taken .. only that of learning Dis -ease names and their prescribed Drug. How sad we have forgotten "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocraates knew this in 360 BC!! And you still can honestly tell me there is no conspiracy or scam or evil happening?

 I hope this approach .. "us against them", can help give you a new focus too, to be more disciplined and THWART the 1%'s profit off our discomfort. As a community working together we will support each other through the struggle. It is extremely hard to avoid processed food. You must plan ahead and spend extra money. Natural choices take time and preplanning. (I hate bananas, but IF greener and less ripe, they are perfect .. easy to find, inexpensive, portable and an environmentally friendly choice to fill us up.) We have known forever eating better improves our health .. but we did nothing.

I think many of us will succeed better knowing we are THWARTING "The Man's" profit .. those guys in control who have the same amount of money that us 99% must share between us. No! I am giving them as little as I can. Let's keep our money amongst us .. and UN -consume corporate goods and services. This is really the last place we have any control. I was in the first Consumer Studies class ever .. 1968?. Where did that class go? What happened to the "$ voting" concept?? Did we stop and see who runs the universities? .. all very strange. We also learned about "planned obsolescence" in 1968. Hmm .. we live in a society of terrible quality that breaks every few years, and constantly planned to be obsolete. You can't re sell good quality items, they just last. We need to start working together to stop this nonsense that is destroying us in so many ways. We really do need a quiet revolution to take back our power as human beings .. we are more than just "consumption machines".

It will takes a long time to change our sloppy habits. I am still working hard to be disciplined and I fail regularly,  Even after more than 2 and 1/2 years! But I have now pretty much learned how to control my arthritis and even much of the Depression, Addictions (OCD, ADD) and the Brain Fog that sugar creates has lessened. Though I am nowhere near perfect with self discipline, the improvements are excellent. (23 years, NO help from HealthCARE .. 3 weeks with Dr Permutter's book and Depression was cured.)

Be patient. Plus .. I can save you much of the time I spent researching .. by sharing the basics with you. We have spent decades in behaviours that harm our bodies. Learning new habits is a struggle, even if sugar did not create more addictive behaviour in us. Every day we succeed even a little, with healthy changes is a GOOD day. We will be kind to ourselves .. but we do need a good boot in the rear to stop the insanity!


2) We tried to learn, but it got too confusing with so much conflicting information.

Everyday there are changed verdicts on what is good for us and bad. Wine is good today, bad tomorrow. Someone swears canola oil is fine, but then you read it is mostly GMO. Then you are reminded we genetically modified plants for centuries, so what is wrong with GMO? It makes our head spin .. so we give up in exasperation.

Turtle Fish Health is so termed, because we will be slow as a Turtle learning within the confusion, and also like a Pisces symbol .. 2 fish swimming opposite directions. But eventually we each will find the best path for our individual body. No two bodies gene pool, sensitivities or inflammation tendencies are the same. But together we can reduce the frustration and share clarity, as we come to it. Today it is even harder to find true FACTS, since almost every article and blog has some agenda. On the Internet even garbage with no foundation can sound true (and it was Harvard that perpetrated the biggest scam ever .. that fat was bad, as they pumped us with addictive sugars.) Fake News sure does exist, so we just have to gather our wisdom? and do the best we can analyzing who benefits most, from info we are fed most strongly. Maybe we should just do the reverse of everything that is mainstream? (our blog name is "REVERSE World")

The payback for our effort is control over a resource more important to us than time, and surely more important than money! Our HEALTH is everything.

Take back control of your Health. This website gives you the "Formula" to gain back the power over your well being. Turtle Fish Health is REAL Health .. not "care" .. our UN- Healthcare System.

Don't blame Doctors or Drug companies. This is what we asked for. Who ever asked "WHY ALWAYS CURES?"

We gave honour to doctors diagnosing disease, and prescribing cures. Most of us gave no thought to wondering .. why there is never talk of PREVENTION?

But those of us trying to stay away from doctors and hospitals have been mightily confused by the conflicting Health information we are fed. And who does not have a horror story of things going wrong in the hospital? (I would have to be dying to go into one, my young son's arm mutilated there, then decades later .. limb injuries oppositely diagnosed at a week later checkup. My niece's husband DYING by mistakes made, did not improve trust) So I have had good reason to stay away from the Healthcare System even before its biggest 23 year failure for me. see "about Turtle Fish #01" below. 

When we are fearful of the "Care" System promoted, we need to start building one we can trust. Doctors will have to alter their own Business Model so we again gain trust in them. Meantime we will develop a system of Health Coaches to support us, people who have studied more than us. We can set up a system of paying each other, depending on the expertise shared. Many of us too busy to research, analyze and evaluate will be happy to pay money for the time saved. We need good jobs, so this can be a new industry developing good new careers. Functional Medicine's Dr Hyman is doing this. But I can not afford, 50$ an hour, nor can most of us. $20 an hour is more than most jobs pay .. so we can help each other gain a living, while getting back America's health. We will however have to track the effects of foods, etc. on our wellbeing and even that will take well invested time an energy.

CONFUSION creates frustration and STRESS.

Turtle Fish Health supplies a framework to build on, for your unique personalized REAL Health Plan. The System involves a Formula, "Gift of Calm" video, plus a Resource Community to share successes and frustration with. Like getting a degree .. our UN -degree is a lot of work and expense. (Natural food is 4X as expensive as a McD basic cheeseburger!) But with our shared goal to manage our resources better, we can improve our quality of life. 

We will find Turtle Fish members with similar gene tendencies and problems. Some solutions will work the same for many of us. Each body is unique but there are many general similarities. My biggest shock was finding a person who could eat nothing green except flavourless ICEBERG lettuce. All other greens inflamed their body! Our Bodies have been assaulted so long with toxins that even Natural Foods can have a negative effect! (In that case Sensitivity Lab  tests were needed to find the food causing sensitivity.) For most of us, working together, sharing our successes, will make the tedious research task before us easier and more fun. Eventually, If we need tests we will know if an (Alcat Test) seems good, from our other members experiences. Sharing  our experiences and research is just as credible a solution as a doctor we may not even know, prescribing some drug that does not even work .. after a 3 minute diagnosis!

Of course there are situations where a Doctor is necessary and a god send. But why take 6 prescriptions when say for your arthritis you can just cut back on sugar, thereby removing one or 2 prescriptions?

Turtle Fish .. a new kind of Healthcare .. not "care" but prevention! REAL Health in our control!

UN -Healthcare .. preventing .. no "cure" needed.

Note that even labels, or types of Healthcare are confusing. We need to better understand the difference between many of these terms!

1) Preventative Medicine .. is there really such a practise? .. or is it a way to market to those of us already unimpressed with the traditional Medical system. Beware, it seems today everything is marketing .. a scam sadly. No cynacysism meant, it is just so sad and stressful that we can trust little today. "Advertising" (instead of disappearing because of easily finding what we need on the web .. is destroying our quality of life in many ways. The Clinics I have researched were sadly purely using the term 'prevention" as buzzword, but not really doing very much different than the traditional. Be sure to study the Physician group you join .. Functional Medicine Certified is a help and having the below practitioners on board, shows a broader view. When we start cloning Zdogg's Business Model we will be on the way to improving Healthcare!.

2) Alternative Medicine

3) Homeopathy, Naturopathy

4) Holistic Medicine 

5) Lifestyle Medicine

6) Functional Medicine

Interesting how they are mostly termed MEDICINE. (Hippocrates?) I suppose Vitamin C is "medicine". We take it at the first onset of a sore throat signifying a cold is on the way. MEDICAL as cure was great back in the day, until it became a profit machine excluding any research into prevention. 

Why TURTLE FISH Health is the Best Choice:

It is a "SYSTEM" managing conflicting Info and overwhelm, giving us 3 tools to reduce our stress.

First we can UN -Frazzle ourselves with the "Gift of Calm". 

TURTLE FISH UN-Healthcare is the System you should follow because :

1) no advertising, no selling, no paid linking! .. nothing but unbiased information for you to analyze and evaluate for YOUR unique body.

2) This site is purely a curation, a collation of new ideas developing a HEALTH REVOLUTION in the hope of improving Community Health, especially for those that are disadvantaged. Everyone thinks their special book or procedure, or blog is "the be all and end all".. the BEST. We just end up confused and overwhelmed! Turtle Fish UN- Healthcare really IS the "be all and end all" .. BECAUSE IT EDITS THE INFO OVERLOAD. The most accepted, and successful of all that overwhelm, has been chosen to begin our personal investigation. 

Why is this FORMULA, and System better than all the other books, blogs, concepts and FADS?

1) The focus of the included research and ideas is often on centuries old wisdom and formulas long known for creating wellness. Those with less biases or advertising are chosen.

2) "Turtle Fish" ..(slow and confused members) experiment with our Base Formula to develop our own individual personalized "System for Health" .. our M (b) D. An MD throws everyone in the same bag. But we now know each body is different. For example, what gives you cancer may not even bother me. My body is not sensitive to what inflames yours. and vice versa.


3) THE PLACEBO EFFECT .. Is it possible part of the confusion, the opposing preaching .. is because WHATEVER WE  BELIEVE .. WILL WORK FOR US? (red clover? tart cherry? B complex? everyone has a different solution.) The placebo effect is very real. Use it to your advantage. Many people have cured themselves from terminal cancer, but they must have BELIEVED they could be cured.

4) This is the community to join because our focus is that your body is unique, and what triggers or calms your body function inflammation will also differ. This fact in itself can overwhelm us, but there are basic known triggers and also basic soothing natural fixes. Beginning with these generalities will hopefully simplify a foundation for most of us. A supportive community to bond with is also calming. Remember you can NOT be healthy when stressed. And stress is EVERYWHERE today, especially impacting our Mental Health. Poor Mental Health then affects our Physical Health too. This is the result of our insane use of our Digital progress, and Technical resources. Previous inventions were used as tools .. they did not become the basis of our entire complete life! There are more important things in our lives than APPS. They are great, but  just tools, and we forgot to keep in their place! Learn to keep this debilitating stress of "progress?" at bay or the result will not be pretty. Refuse to give up your health for the 24/7 culture that does NOT serve us 99% well. see the "Gift of Calm"

5) Think of the System as a Digital Health Library, that eventually can also have actual local "Learning Spaces" where Health Coaches commune. The System can even become a linked National community. If the masses decide to be part of a new industry, we can parallel and disrupt the current Food/ Drug industry. Instead of profit from our DIS -eased body, we can build new well paid but affordable Health Coach jobs, while reducing the declining health of America. Many Doctors have already begun new business models. Unfortunately so far most are not affordable to us. Our coaches will be connected to a managing Doctor who understands that the Hippocratic oath is no longer being followed.


6) As a shared community we can especially help those that are disadvantaged. It is an injustice to have only the affluent able to be healthy. Fortune 500 Corporations will be only too happy to sponsor "Health for the Masses" .. in return for their own good publicity.

Turtle Fish UN -Healthcare really IS the end all ..

The Turtle Fish Formula really IS the be all, and the end all .. 


Instead of being overwhelmed and giving up, you have a skeleton Foundation on which to build your individual body research. You have a community with which to share our frustration at the effort needed, and the investment required. Did you know SUGAR has 50 fake names? Don't expect to look at a label and be happy you see no sugar. To simplify just do not buy it .. if it has anything in it that is not a recognizable thing! apples, rice, cinnamon, beans, cilantro or beef. No chemical names! OMG ..there are 61!! names for sugar  (scroll down a little on right side)

Yes! There are many Doctors getting wise!! see Sugar Science

Evaluate info for yourself, at your own pace, working toward your UN-DEGREE in Personalized Health

Get your MbD, a "My body Doctor", not an MD degree in MEDICINE or Health"care" .. then share info.

TURTLE FISH Health .. the UN -Health"care" System 



Why call our our members Turtle Fish?? .. strange name

The Turtle is slow .. but wins the race. Fish swim all over, back and forth seeming confused. Our journey will be confusing and slow, but we can win the race for improving our health. Never mind those races for cures! (What? .. cause our illness and then ask US to pay for the research? Crazy yet successful. Processed foods, toxins and stress are killing us! No cure needed, just AVOIDANCE.) Put that "race for cure(s)" energy into winning the race for saving your own health. Then you can help others too. Every product seems to conspire against us! sodas,"flavoured" waters, candy bars, chips, watching TV, Netflix, Amazon (no need to "walk shop" getting exercise), spectator sports, toxins in the air and our water. So much in our style of life works against our ability to be healthy. We won't be able to change everything in our lifestyle, but we can make some good improvements.

We can be the "(Yoga? and Gluten Free?) FOR DUMMIES" crowd, the UN -Yuppie, UN -Gentrified version

We know these methods have credibility, yoga is great for us .. gluten bad for many of us ("corporate greed processed wheat" bad for ALL of us) .. but we will try not get missionary or "holier than though" attitudes in our sharing. (or at least we'll be more broadly based missionaries..!) We may be obsessed with Natural, and against "processed", but we know in our lives today this can only be the goal. No feeling bad and a failure when we fail. We live in a mine field of UN -Health! Just realize the effect is cumulative. Anything you do to slow the negative effect of our lives today, is a WIN. We'll probably get away with a Miss Debbie today. (Unless I eat only 1/2, I'll get immediate arthritis pain.) But if we lost our discipline and say "Oh well I blew this week, I will start next week" .. then the headaches or stomach aches or whatever ails you, will just continue longer. Our bodies are really very good to us. For all our mistreatment they surely serve most of us very well!

Who is Turtle Fish #01

I hope we get MANY Turtle Fish slowly reducing confusion, building our personal health. I am just one of us still imperfect, still struggling to clearly know what increases and decreases my own discomfort. And I would love to find Doctors as backup, that we can trust AND afford! Some of you will already be way more expert than me, and I hope you will share with us (but not in an arrogant way, or you are "off my Reverse World Island"). But those not yet aware of the new Health Revolution can be saved time through what I have already learned.

At Christmas 2014, I could remember none of my son and daughters reminiscing of their early years. Horrified at my memory loss I followed "Grain Brain" with great discipline. 23 years in the Health"care" System had done nothing for Depression (and many related Mental Illnesses.) But after 3 weeks eating only natural food .. even major Depression was improved. I discovered that Sugar Blues was written in the 70's when we never even had a NEW name for "the blues". But there is no conspiracy against our being healthy, right? !! I have spent as much time as possible, outside my "invention of calming Art TV" .. researching the new Revolution I soon discovered. 

The strange way people treat their body has been fascinating to me since about 10 years old .. (and now I am very old .. a crotchety old lady in fact.) Back in the day I wondered why would anyone drink sugar water (coke) when thirsty. I imagine that invention was a beginning, with those in power realizing what a beauty sugar was .. to make money off us lowly worker ants.

Even back in the 50's I was already the weird one! "Could I just have a glass of water, please!". Always decades ahead, I would have bottled water back then .. but was just considered very weird. (I am Swiss and horrified to be associated with NESTLE behaviour!) See the sugar story later. So this has been my passion forever, although there was a decade of very bad eating habits. Now still struggling with self discipline, makes me sure that SUGAR IS NOT JUST ADDICTIVE. IT DESTROYS OUR WILL POWER. 

In January 2015. once I saw the amazing effect omitting processed food had on Mental Wellness, I put every free minute into researching the unexpected revolution I had FINALLY found. I was part of those hippies using the first health stores in the 70's, but it took almost 5 decades for the masses to catch up. I used to have to find underground books regarding the miracles of what we eat or don't eat. Wish I had more time to research the early pioneers Dr Atkins and Kevin Trudeau and their strange demises. Were they destroyed because they were beginning to reduce the largest corporations profits? 

I accidentally went to a Wellness Dr conference in NYC and at lunch timidly asked "Am I crazy to fear some whistle blowers have met their dire ends?"  With horror I realized I had just shown myself an outsider. After looking at each other wondering what rock I'd been hiding under, they shared that even in their New England area they questioned why so many Natural Health People die strangely. WHOOPS!! now I have goose bumps! Sadly I began this journey to improve my declining memory. For THAT I have yet to see any improvement. The goose bumps are because I just remembered, I began to ask many questions that afternoon. The person who organized the conference had recently "commit suicide" though a person close to him said he was very excited, NOT depressed. AND 2 big organizers ALSO were killed in a motorcycle accident. I'm just a conspiracy monger, right? Do you not agree that is CRAZY? But I think now with dozens of no longer underground Doctor authors .. that are now New York Times BEST SELLERS! .. I believe "they" can no longer cause "Dr Atkins-es" to "accidentally" slip on ice. "Their" secret is out. We CAN thwart their profit plan, at our expense.

Our focus will NOT be on supplements, but simply going back to nature and only supplementing once you KNOW your body .. not because some AD touted an easy miracle "cure". Though I was obsessed with this new revolution, I have only scratched the surface! So I have long wanted to share my findings to save you the time I have already invested. You can jump 2 plus years ahead by using my research and curation. It will take you 4x the cost and 4x the time to eat naturally .. at least I can save you some confusion and get you started with a Foundation Formula.

There is just not enough time in our lives to add more to do! We still only have 24 hours and 5x as much to do! My background in Home Economics is really RESOURCE MANAGEMENT which we must RE LEARN. It was dropped from the curriculum decades ago .. yet was really the most important course! (and I don't think I am biased,) Strange to not teach managing you life well, eh?? .. the beginning, no, continuing enlargement of the "SHAM SOCIETY"? Everything has a hidden agenda to make money off us sheep ants. We need to take back our power! we need to wake up. Instead of time "Facebook wandering" we need to put that into wandering to the farm market. Instead of Candy Crush .. research your body function's sensitive areas CRUSHED.  

WE ARE NOT USING OUR RESOURCES WISELY. We were warned about sugar and processed food in 1975. It has now destroyed our brain! .. see brain fog, needing tons of research because that discovery is already being quashed.This is exactly what makes us give up trying to be in control, makes us give up in total frustration! Be ready .. every single ?fact.. hopefully, that I will give you will have detractors. The overwhelming confusion is hard to handle. Just keep asking .. what does this voice have to gain. I only gain $ to buy LGM's if lots of people trust me, and subscribe to the paid version. Otherwise, sharing freely how people have been so misled with the 3 Trillion $ "Health"care" Industry complex", is just a life long obsession for me.

In our blog and eventually even local community, we will share our findings of ways to make more time for OUR well being, instead of the corporations profiting from our lives. We only have 24 hours .. but like our scarce $ .. where will we chose to allocate that scarcity? Our UN -community will re think all the strange ways we have contorted our lives, into purely mindless consumption. Our "Reverse World" (my island) involves less consumption and more contemplation! (if you are not interested in simple, genuine considerate of others, and fair to all living, you won't be allowed on my "non capitalist greed" island)

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